Saturday, October 2, 2010


LYING hooker Irma Nici could be jailed for tax evasion after claiming she was paid thousands for sex with David Beckham and other celebs.

Nici, 26, is set to be hit with a joint tax and immigration probe by US officials.

Becks ... slapped tart with £16million writ
Becks ... slapped tart with £16million writ
That could also see the Bosnian-born tart deported from the States for working illegally - and not allowed back.
While her allegations she slept with Becks are entirely false, they have alerted US officials to her sleazy antics. A source at the Internal Revenue Service - America's taxman - said: "This woman has flagged herself up by saying she was paid in cash.
"She has gone on record as saying she was paid thousands and that will be considered as earnings as she was paid for her services.
"Tax has to be paid on that amount. She has made herself a target."
The tax warning is a fresh blow for Nici, who was slapped with a £16million writ from former England captain Becks, 35, this week. She has also boasted of seeing other famous clients as she jetted from London to work in New York.
Her earnings could run into the hundreds of thousands - which could bring a hefty tax bill. Tax evasion in the US is one of the quickest ways to go jail - 
Nici, now hiding out in New York, also did not have the papers needed to work in the United States.
She is believed to have worked for vice madam Kristin Davis after entering on a 90-day TOURIST visa.
An insider at the Immigration Customs Enforcement agency said: "She has made an incriminating statement in public by saying she was paid for sex in the US.
"She does not have any authority to work and could face deportation proceedings."

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